Zvērinātu advokātu birojs „Eiropas tiesību birojs”

Brīvības ielā 85, Rīga (5.stāvā, 5B13.kab.) Tel.: 29122954, e-pasts: etb@inbox.lv


Law office „Eiropas tiesību birojs” offers:

Application to and representation before the Latvian Constitutional court

We offer nearly 20 years of experience in the proceedings before the Latvian Constitutional Court. We prepared applications and/or represented applicants before the Constitutional Court in a lot of cases, for instance: No.2009-111-01, No.2010-69-01, No. 2012-22-0103, No.2013-12-01, No.2014-07-03, No. 2015-03-01, No. 2015-04-01, No.2015-12-01, No. 2015-21-01, No. 2016-02-01, No.2016-10-01, No.2017-03-01.


Application to and representation before the European Court of Human Rights

We provide representation of applicants before the European Court of Human Rights in many cases; including the following cases, in which judgments have already been adopted: Bogdanovs-Migaļevs v. Latvia, No.25761/02, Mitkus v. Latvia, No. 7259/03, Čuprakovs v. Latvia, No.8543/04, Dmitrijevs v. Latvia,  No. 49037/09, Elberte v. Latvia, No.61243/08 , Vaščenkovs v. Latvia, No. 30795/12, Jeronovičs v. Latvia, No. 547/02 (Grand Chamber). We offer experience-based advice on prospects in the European Court of Human Rights, preparation of an application and professional representation before the European Court of Human Rights.


Preparation of documents for Latvian state and local institutions and administrative courts, representation in courts and state and local institutions

Our office offers professional legal assistance in administrative cases and administrative offence cases: preparation of applications and other documents for state or local government institutions and for courts, representation before courts of natural persons and companies, especially in complex cases.


Preparation of documents for Latvian courts and representation in civil and commercial cases

Legal assistance and representation before courts mainly in complex civil cases: property disputes, cases on compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, including personal injury cases, commercial disputes, labour law cases, family law cases etc.


Consultations on European Law