Zvērinātu advokātu birojs
ZAB „Eiropas tiesību birojs” Brīvības ielā 85, Rīga (5.stāvā, 5B13.kab.) Tel.:29122954, e-pasts:etb@inbox.lv

About Us 

Law firm "Eiropas tiesību birojs" (European Law Office) offers knowledge and experience in constitutional law, European and international law, administrative law, civil law, and commercial law. Our priority is constitutional review; however we offer legal assistance in other fields of law, too. Understanding clients' needs, we offer the best solutions and provide high quality legal assistance. Our relations with clients are based on the following values:

        - Professionalism, experience and competence;

        - Honesty, mutual trust and respect;

        - Accountability and accuracy.